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6 Reasons Why You Should Choose Qusoul

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This kit has a lot of good tools for outdoor survivals. We go camping and hiking sometimes, if we run into troubles. It has almost everything that we need . It’s pretty light weight as well, not too big nor not too small size kit, pretty to take in the backpack when we go hiking / camping/  driving.  Great product!

Samuel Z., Canada

Good design and quality. This bracelet has multiple function including a compass, LED light, whistle, iPhone pin, T-shaped knife, screwdriver, wrench, fire starter, etc. Can use it as a emergency tool and keep it with other emergency packages. I am so excited received this bracelet. It is very useful. I like outdoor activity. And this can direct direction and can be a stretched bunch. The size is adjustable, so it’s easy to wear. I liked the color as well. Good product.

Jason C. Mitchell

Of course this is something that no one ever wants to use but its there in case you need it. It can be used for  emergency bag/rucksack. Small enough to tuck away in your pack but large enough not to loose. All in all, if you’re looking for a portable first aid kit that is easily accessible, this is a great choice. It fits nicely in a large compartment of a backpack , a large purse, or you could fit it in the glove box of most vehicles. if you get a more advanced kit, you will often start to lose portability as the kits typically start getting pretty large. So this is about the best price/portability/product combination for the price. Extremely impressed with the quality of this product.

Randall Bryan, United States